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ArcticGuard™ Handlebar Mitts

"Since I installed the handlebar mittens, my hands are toasty warm all the time. What a difference!! Now I can bike as long as I want without suffering the frozen hands. I have no issue with the gear shifting or braking. I occasionally get my hands in and out of the bar mittens when I give turn signals and beep my bike horn to warn pedestrians and other riders easily."

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Winter cycling poses significant challenges, particularly when temperatures plummet below freezing. One of the most pressing issues during this time is the constant battle against numbness and freezing extremities, especially in the hands. Despite layering up with specialized gloves, prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures can quickly lead to discomfort and reduced dexterity.

Introducing ArcticGuard™, designed to conquer the challenges of winter cycling with unparalleled efficacy. Engineered with weather-resistant neoprene and a thickened silk cotton layer, these handlebar mitts create a shield against windchill and a cocoon of warm air around the hands, keeping them toasty and nimble throughout the ride. Embrace the transformed experience of winter cycling with ArcticGuard™.


STAY NIMBLE: ArcticGuard™ offers the freedom of movement for nimble fingers, allowing precise gear adjustments and brake access. Enjoy enhanced dexterity, especially making quick maneuvers.

TOASTY WARM: ArcticGuard™ boasts a thickened silk cotton layer that keeps the hands warm and shields them from biting cold temperatures. Say goodbye to freezing fingers during extended winter rides.

WEATHERPROOF: Crafted with 5mm thick neoprene, ArcticGuard™ provides impeccable weatherproofing. Effectively guard the hands against cold wind, rain, and snow, keeping the hands dry and warm.

EASY ACCESS: ArcticGuard™ is ingeniously designed to stay open, ready to access anytime. Say goodbye to fumbling or delays, swiftly access and remove the hands for signaling or horn when needed.

EASY INSTALLATION: Featuring hook loops and zippers, installation of ArcticGuard™ requires no tools, making it a hassle-free process. Spend more time riding and less time on setup.

We understand your frustration facing the relentless chill that seeps into every ride. Imagine gliding through a serene wintry landscape, yet the biting cold threatens to steal the joy, rendering your fingers unresponsive and stiff. Studies reveal that nearly 70% of cyclists encounter decreased hand dexterity and comfort in sub-zero temperatures, impacting both performance and enjoyment during winter rides.

Thankfully, ArcticGuard™ stands as the quintessential solution, perfectly tailored against the freezing elements. Engineered with precision, ArcticGuard creates a cocoon of warm air around the hands, keeping them consistently warm and nimble throughout the ride. Embrace the freedom to savor the winter cycling adventure, relishing the thrill of the journey while leaving discomfort and numbed fingers behind.


Net Weight: Approx 0.7 lbs (320 g)
Material: Nylon, Neoprene, Silk Cotton, Polyester


(1) Pair of ArcticGuard™ Handlebar Mitts

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