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ArcticGrip™ Winter Riding Gloves

"Got this to help cure my cold hand and finger problems I had when riding my e-bike on cooler days. The inside of these gloves is soft and warm. The exterior material is soft and helps repel the wind. These gloves are a great value for what they offer, the materials are nice and for the few times I have used them, they are very comfortable."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Carlos Pena
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In the world of winter cycling, the discomfort and frustration of freezing, wet hands can be an all too familiar adversary. The relentless cold infiltrates through ordinary gloves, leading to numb fingers and a disheartening sense of vulnerability. Battling this unwelcome cold grasp the handlebars with limited dexterity and an undeniable chill, dampen the very essence of the winter rides.

Introducing ArcticGrip™, a breakthrough solution designed to transform the winter cycling experience. Crafted with multi-layer composite fabric with inner polar fleece material, these gloves effectively shield the hands from the bone-chilling cold. Say farewell to the discomfort of freezing, damp hands and embrace winter cycling with the confidence of warm, dry, and nimble fingers.


LIGHTWEIGHT & WARM: ArcticGrip™ features multi-layer composite fabric with polar fleece that keeps the fingers toasty warm. Embrace winter cycling with the confidence of warm and nimble fingers.

WIND & WATERPROOF: ArcticGrip™ gloves are equipped with an inner waterproof layer, ensuring that the hands stay dry. No more worrying about soggy, uncomfortable hands during the ride.

FATIGUE RELIEF: Elevate the cycling experience with ArcticGrip™'s thickened 5mm gel palm pad construction. Seamlessly absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth, fatigue-free journey.

PRECISION GRIP: Features an anti-slip design, ArcticGrip ensures a secure grip on the handlebars. Experience improved control and confidence, tackling challenging terrains with ease.

STAY CONNECTED: ArcticGrip™ comes with touchscreen material on the thumb and index finger. Enjoy the convenience of staying connected while on the move without removing the gloves.

We understand your frustration of battling through numbing cold and struggling to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars. Imagine braving icy winds with freezing hands, impairing your ability to fully enjoy the invigorating thrill of a winter ride. Studies show that over 70% of cyclists report decreased performance and reduced enjoyment due to uncomfortable, ill-equipped gear during colder seasons.

Thankfully, ArcticGrip™ is the perfect companion for winter cycling, offering unparalleled warmth and comfort to conquer the harshest of conditions with ease. Designed with multi-layer composite fabric with inner polar fleece, these gloves ensure never again experience the discomfort of freezing, wet hands. Embrace the thrilling freedom of winter riding with ArcticGrip™, where warmth and adventure unite.


Measurement: Please refer to the size chart
Net Weight: Approx 5.29 oz (150 g)
Material: Composite Fabric, Polar Fleece, 5mm Gel Pads


(1) Pair of ArcticGrip™ Winter Riding Gloves

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